Monday, July 21, 2008


I realise many people don't care for Earth. No, I'm not saying I am a vegeterian (in which I was) but I'm implying on how careless some people could be. I remember the beginning of last year when during lunch time, I went around and picked up trash. I used to go around and ask people to give me their wrappers and suh so I culd throw them away. You know what the problem is? They just gave it to me. No thank you no nothing! If I were them, I'd decline the generous offer and throw my own trash away. It was very rude of them to actually tease me about picking up trash. But I felt good about it. I started to stop cleaning up and le them pick up their own remnants, but that didn't work. So next year (or if you'd rather say this year) I'm going to encourage people to throw trash away. We already have people that are aware of our situation today, but I think we don't have enough. If only people would just help.

Here I leave you with inspirational photos:

PS- Sarah Mclachlan is a wonderful singer/song writer who is aware. Thanks to her hit single "World on Fire", over $100,00 has been donated to people around the world in order to help them survive.
I think that she is extraordinary.

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