Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lindsay Leggings: Sold Out!

Lindsay Lohan's leggings line, 6126, went up for sale a little over a week ago at L.A. boutique Intuition and on its Website, but it's already sold out. Ladies longing for Lindsay's shiny and knee-padded legwear must now sign up for a wait list. Yes, they're that popular. To figure out why, E! Online turned to the owner of the shop, Jaye Hersh. "Everybody loves to wear leggings, and everybody wants a piece of Hollywood. Lindsay is Hollywood," she said. But can the woman with all the answers explain what's up with the "Mr. President" leggings with the built-in leather knee pads? "I think that these were actually inspired by Lindsay’s love of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld," Hersh told E! Online. “This is more about a theme and a trend for fall, which is all about quilting." She also suggested that of all the celebrity lines launched in the store, including Lauren Conrad's and Mandy Moore's, 6126 received the best response. Let's hope 6126 will be successful, unlike Lauren Conrad's Line.

To be honest, those leggings are really nice! I love the knee pads. 

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