Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Room Decorating!

Alright, so this week, my sister and I are re-decorating our rooms! She's going to make it vintage/retro-esque while I make mine light and natural. Why? Manily because I have a normal sized room which also falls in the small category. Anyway, today we went to 2 flooring stores to pick out colors for our wood flooring which will replace our carpets! I hate carpets. Moving on, I picked a dark brown which looks nice since I'm going to paint my walls an off-white-ish color. It will create contrast against the floor and walls. I'm going to paint my window wall a light limeish green. I haven't seen the color swatches yet, but I've already planned out everything. The color scheme will be Light Lime Green, Dark Brown, and Off-White. I think it will turn out fantastic! I get to decorate everything with a brain! I was only 8 then, of course I would've picked pink!  I wanted blue though. I don't know what changed my mind. Maybe it was my parents pushing me to choose pink b/c my brother had chosen blue and i was a girl? Lol, whatever. Girls can love blue, just like how I do. Back to the topic, as soon as I finish my room, which will probably be more than 2 weeks from now, I'm going to post pictures and give you all a video tour! For now, enjoy some eyecandy found on the LJ community Saucy Dwellings:

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